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Santiniketan Podcast - Episode details

Episode 104: Santiniketaner Chithi, 22 Nov, 1952
Reciting Subhomoy Ghosh's 11th Chithi, explaining what Tonu was doing these past few weeks, and a talk with Benu da and Bratin da about Senjuti, and an extra stall at Poush Mela. Songs from Purna Das Baul and Sharmila Roy Pommot.

Episode 103 : Tagore on Imperialism & Crisis of civilization
Nimai Majumdar and Anuradha Mitra recites Tagore on Imperialism and the Crisis of Civilization. Piyali Palit reads Sonar Tori. Songs from Moni, Tuku di, Mohan Singh, Sreenanda, Bodomama, Suchitra Mashi, Pankaj Mallick & Vikram Singh.

Episode 102 : Balmiki Pratibha
The situation under which Balmiki Pratibha was composed was discussed during a global adda with Bishnu & Anuradha Pal Chowdhury on the first half. Rabindranath's essay “Balmiki Pratibha” from Jibansmriti recited in the next half.

Episode 101: Sujata Mitra on Ek Sutrer Sandhyane
The last article written by my mother, Smt Sujata Mitra, on her memory of the early years of Santiniketan, published in “Ek Sutrer Sandhaney”. Songs by Santideb Ghosh, Pramita Mallick, Srikanta Acharya, Pijushkanti Sarkar, Subinoy Roy.

Episode 100: Dewal Patrika Inauguration , part 2
2nd part of Dewal patrika inauguration function. Subal Das, Shayanil Mitra, Korak Shankar Chattopadhyay, Shamtam Pandit, Class X students, Pijush Malpaharia, Sharod from Saugata Roychowdhury. Thanks go to Prasentjit Ghosh for doing the recording.

Episode 99: Dewal Patrika Inauguration – part 1
First part of the recording of a joint cultural function in Santiniketan held on  2nd September, performed jointly by students and exstudents of Patha Bhavana, to inaugurate a wall magazine, with voices from Shona, Piyali, Indrajit, Saugata, Amol, Arpan.

Episode 98: Jianhua and Gora
Jianhua reads Tagore poems & their Chinese translation; sings the Chinese rendition of a Tagore song. Anuradha reads from Tagore, the Myriad minded man. Songs from Chitralekha di, Subhojit Sengupta, Santideb Ghosh, Srikanta Acharya, & Kalim Sharafi.

Episode 97: Santiniketaner Chithi, Roma di & Sunil Bhattacharya
Reading of Subhomoy Ghosh's Santiniketaner Chithi of 8th November 1952, a song by Roma Chakraborti, and a remarkable story of Sunil da (Satyabrata Bhattacharya) about working with education of Santhal children children. Assorted songs.

Episode 96 : Sujata Mitra on Kalimohan Ghosh
My mother writes about her father, Kalimohan Ghosh and how he came to meet Tagore and ended up in Santiniketan. This covers a part of history. Songs by Suchitra Mitra, Chorus, Ritu Guha, Asha Bhosle, Santideb Ghosh, Saunak, Lasi Ahmed Lisa

Episode 95 : Ms Jianhua talks about Tagore
An interview with Jianhua, a scientist who reads poetry, is an admirer of Tagore, and is also learning to dance with Tagore's songs. Global adda tries to sing a global chorus, with less that desirable result. The adda also discusses Santiniketan.

Episode 94: Tukul Explaints where he got his spirituality from
Conference call with Alo di, Nupur Lahiri, self, Sidhartha, Shib, Gora da, Tapas da, Pradip, Chirajyoti, Tukul, Gama, Sudipto & Piyali. Tukul explains his spirituality. Songs from Swapan Gupta, Priyadarshi Datta, Banani Ghosh, Moni, Rajeswari Dutta.

Episode 93: Freddie and Pia Sen
Interviews a) with Freddie, a woman of the blackfoot tribe of North America, and b) Pia sen, daughter of Tusu di, and her running of the dance troup Notini. Songs by Chittaranjan Deb, Indira Gosti, Chitralekha di, Gita Sen, Suchitra Mitra

Episode 92: Kalyan Dan and the Global Adda Part 4
Kalyan Sarkar talks about Santiniketan. continuation of the global adda of August 10. Songs and Music from Dilip Roy, Chitralekha Chowdhury, Haripada Chattapadhyay, Manna De, Shidhhartha Bannerjee, Kanak Das

Episode 91 : Roma Chakraborti and the global Adda Part 3
Adda continues beween Tapas da, Piyali, Tukul, Gora da, Chira, Myself, Rubi di, Abhijit da, Pradip & others, with addition of a conversation with Roma Chakraborti, and songs from Mohor di, Mithu di, Bodomama, Amala Das, Basabi & Gyanendraprasad Goswami.

Episode 90 : Visva Adda Part 2
This is the second in the series of a global Kalor dokan adda of Santiniketan Asramiks around the world, carried out on 9th August. Songs from Gita Ghatak, Shyamal Chanda, Laisa Ahmed Lisa, Rajeswari Dutta, Manashi Adhikari, Ranjana SenSarkar

Episode 89 : Global adda
This is the first ever podcast which contains nothing but a conference call & songs, continuation from the last one, covering a small sample of all the people that congregated across vast spaces from remote corners of the globe, on a virtual Kalor Dokan.

Episode 88: Santiniketaner Chithi & A Conference calls of Asramiks
Presenting Santiniketaner Chithi 25 Oct 1952 followed by global conference calls between well wishers of Santiniketan, and songs from Suchitra Mitra, Shompa Kundu, Tan Lee, Himaghna Roy Chowdhury, Kanika Bandopadhyay & Mituni Roy Bevins.

Episode 87: Basanta Utsab and a few purprises
Parts of Basanta Utsab by Patha Bhavan students presented here, along with songs from Ankhi, Pramita Mallick, Chitralekha Choudhury, and two unique Santiniketanites whose singing prowess were unkown before – Shyamal Chanda and Chittaranjan Deb.

Episode 86: Bhadugaan from Tuku di
Tuku di presents her Bhadugan on Patha Bhavana, along with a few from her School Days memory. Ankhhi sings two. Bratin Sen appreciates Mistuni di's Jat Gelo Pet Bhorlo na. Anandarup Ray and Hitabrata Roy record their message to Patha Bhavana

Episode 85: A few duet song from Sandip Tagore & Tan Lee
Sandip Tagore and Tan Lee presents an impromptu pair of duets. Kalyan Sarkar describes what he wishes to speak on record towards betterment of Visva Bharati. Piyali reads a Kageya Notice. More songs from Tukul, Vikram Singh, Suparna Guha and Subinoy Roy

Epiaode 84: Niladri Chaki's exhibition with Tagore's recitation
Second half of Sri Niladri Chaki's guided tour, Rabindranath Tagore recites a poem on Canada. Sheila Jones plans to produce a play on Tagore. Elisabeth Hepburn reads from Tagore. Songs from Debabrata, Chitralekha di, Mohan Singh, Suparna Guha.

Episode 83: Niladri Chaki and his Art Exhibition
Sri Niladri Chaki presents a wonderful art exhibition in NABC2008 in Toronto last week, which was a major highlight for me, also for Anandarup da and Tan Lee da. Songs from Mohor di, Moni, Hemanta, Debrata, Indulekha Ghosh, Aarya  Chowdhury.

Episode 82: Santiniketaner Chithi #8
Subhomoy Ghosh's chithi, dated 12th October 1952 presented by Santanu Mitra. Talks of Toronto, including the NABC2008 inauguration. Songs from Sharmila Roy Pommot, Ranjana Sen Sarkar, Suparna Guha, Talks on Niladri Chaki's exhibition. The band Bhoomi.

Episode 81: Sumantra Sengupta recites a poem
I liked Mr. Sen's recitation in the hall of NABC2008, and then got the chance to interview him on the street outside of the convention hall. We also have a song from Pintu di (Manashi Adhikari0 as well as another from Tusu di (Sugata Sen)

Episode 80: Kathy and Joe O'Connel and the Alumni meet in Toronto
Santiniketanites get together in Toronto, during NABC2008. Kathleen and Joseph Tagore talk of Gurudev Rabindranath. Inauguration ceremony of NABC2008. Songs presented by Rabindranath Tagore, Satyabhusan Gupta, Santidev Ghosh.

Episode 79: Satyajit Chakraborti, and Bengali folks in Toronto
The interviewer gets interviewed – my encounter with Mr. Satyajit Chakraborti, of B-Tech institute of Engineering and Management. Sugata Sen presents two songs, along with more from Ranjana Sen and Vikram Singh. Anandarup da gets elected President.

Episode 78: Speaking from Toronto
Presenting this episode from a hotel room in Toronto, talking about how I landed there, in preparation to attending NABS2008. Songs from Basabi Dutta Roy, Anjana Sen, Mohor di, Mohan Singh and a unique Bhadugan from Tukul for the Praktoni web site.

Episode 77 : Rg Veda, Saraswati river, and the Popkhran nuclear test
Rg Veda and Saraswati river controversy continues, adding unexpected results from precautionary tests of ground water after the Pokhran nuclear test. Songs from Gopalchandra Sen, Sharmila Roy, Suchitra Mitra, Debabrata Biswas, Santidev Ghosh

Episode 76: The Aryan controversy
We cover the holocene period in India from the start of agriculture to the creation of the Rg Veda, and the Aryan controversy that started with Max Mullers translation of it. Songs from Kishore, Nilima Sen, Dwijen, Asha, Debabrata, Shanta Apte, Hemanta.

Episode 75: The killer ape
Continuing the saga of the evolution of the planetary life, we bring the issue to the newest arrival – humans, from ape to the the last ice age. Songs from Satinath, Tapan & Pramita Mallick, Kanika Bannerjee, Abbasuddin Ahmed, Susil Chatterjee, Santidev

Episode 74: History of India – where we came from
Tonu speaks off the cuff of the Indian history from when the dinosaurs died out till man discovered metal, along with songs & recitations from Rabindranath Tagore, Santideb Ghosh, Sandhya Mukherjee, Krishna Chatterjee, Manna Dey, Pratima Barua and Lata

Episode 73: Tapan Mallick and the arrival of the Aryans
Tapan Mallick serves more Palli Geeti, along with songs from Suchitra Mitra, Dhananjay Bhattacharya & Abbasuddin Ahmed. Tonu talks about the warming planet, and where the Aryans might have come from, and when, in other words, where do we come from.

Episode 72: Tapan Mallick and Santiniketater Chithi
Santanu Mitra presents Subhomoy Ghosh's “Santiniketaner Chithi, of 28th September 1952 – an English play and a Bengali Sarat-Utsab. Tapan mallick offers two folks songs. More songs from Santinideb Ghosh, Konika Bannerjee and Shishu Bholanath.

Episode 71: Bratin Chatterjee On education, Rabidranath and 'other' stories
Interview with Bratin Chatterjee on his recently published book on Tagore' ideas of education against the backdrop of the education in India through historical times. Birsha from New Jersey presents a few captivating recitations – numerous songs.

Episode 70: A Chithi and a Chhoto Golpo
Chirajyoti Deb recites Subhomoy ghosh's letter from Santiniketan. Madhuja recites Rabidnranaths' chhoto golpo – Anadhikar Probesh. Santanu recites a poem. Songs from Arati Mukherjii, Kanika Bandopadhyay, Mohan Singh, Mistunidi and Santidev Ghosh

Episode 69: Noboborsho & Rajpather Kotha
Santanu presents “Noboborsho” from Rabindranath's “Santiniketan” volume 2. Avik Ranjan Dey recites “Rajpather Kotha” From Rabindranath's Golpo Guchha. Chorus song from Shishu Bholanath,  and solo from Subinoy Roy & Ranjana Sen.

Episode 68: A Sruti Natok and a Chithi
Vancouver College group “Vantara” present Parashuram's Chikitsa Sankat. Tamojit Ray recites Subhomoy Ghosh's 5th letter from Santiniketaner Chithi, daed 31st Aug, 1952. Songs from Dwijen Mukhrji, Santidev Ghosh and the children of Santiniketan.

Episode 67: An interview with Sri Tapas Kumar Basu
Tapas da retains a photographic memory of the landscape of the Santiniketan Asram, sixty years down the memory lane, accompanied by songs from Pramita Mallick, Biswajit Ray, Kanika Bannerjee, Lata, Basabi Datta Ray, Ranjana Sen, Santidev Ghosh

Episode 66: Remembering Leonard Elmhirst
Presenting Pinaki Bhaduri's from centenary volume on L.K. Elmhirst from Tagore Research institute. Songs from Arundhati Hom Chowdhury, Vikram Singh,  Konika Bandopadhyay. Talks on a new private school in Purva Palli. Recitation by Avik Ranjan Dey

Episode 65: Indian Parliament's Visva Bharati Act 1951 and amendments
Piyali Palit provided the text of the Visva Bharati Act, 1951 of Parliament with amendments. Some select sections of it has been discussed here, along with songs from Sridarshini Chakraborti, Nilima Sen, Suchitra Mitra & others.

Episode 64: Santiniketaner Chithi & Rabi Jibani
Chandana Sarkar reads Chithi #4 from (Bhulumama) Subhomoy Ghosh's book. I read part of Rabi Jibani received from Piyali Palit. Songs from Kartikdas Baul, Srikanta Acharya, Basabi Datta Ray, Suchitra Mitra & (Biswajit mama) Biswajit Ray

Episode 63: Gurudev as social thinker/ Annada Shankar Roy on creation of Visva Bharati
Today we cover 1) a letter being prepared for UGC about Gurudev as a social thinker & 2) Annada Shankar Roy's speech on Gurudev's work in rural reform and Santiniketan's destiny. Bhulumama's recitation on Horikhela recovered. Songs from many.

Episode 62: The immortal Sahitya Sabha
Tamojit Ray from Bangalore presents an ageless,  compilation into a virtual sahitya sabha, contributed by people born even a century apart. All thanks should go to Rabindranath for creating most but not all of it, and to Tamojit for conducting it.

Episode 61: Balmiki Pratibha in Santiniketan
We read from an article from 1981 on Balmiki Pratibha, as performed in Santiniketan from 1908 onward, including some songs. Also presenting Sridorshini Chakraboorti of Vancouver. Tamojit Roy (Tukul) presents his views on the phone from Bangalore.

Episode 60: Kathleen O'Connell returns to Santiniketan
We present Ms. O'Connell's 1990 article on Santiniketan, Tagore's educational philosophy and its relevance in today's west. Songs by Manoj & Manisha, Anuttama Ghosh, Vikram Singh, Priyadarshi Datta, Rajeswari Dutta, instrumental by V. Balsara.

Episode 59: Debadyuti Chakravarti speaks about Santiniketan
Songs from Sasha Ghosal, Purnadas Baul, S.D. Burman, Kanika Bannerji, Manoj Murali Nair. Debadyuti Chakraborti speaks about his time in Santiniketan and how it changed him. Swarachito Poem from rickshaw puller poem Ramdev Ray. Tagore on Rakta karabi

Episode 58: Sujata Mitra's Diary / Jose reads the New York Times of 1916
Sandhya Mukherji, Pannalal Bhattacharya, Konika Bannerji, Srinanda Mukherji, Suchitra Mitra sing. Jose Peres of Canada reads a 92 year old article from New York Times, about Tagore. Sujata Mitra writes of her first few years of life in Santiniketan.

Episode 57: Lekha Chahia Lajja Diben Na – from Sagarmoy Ghosh
Sagarmoy Ghosh writes how he got on the wrong side of Sahitya Samrat Tarashankar Bandopadhyay, and how circumstance eventually turned him from being an magazine editor into a writer. Songs from Mistuni di, Ramkumar babu, Suchitra Mitra and Kanan Devi.

Episode 56: Piyali Palit and Shekhar Sen
Piyali talks about her indedbedness to Gurudev's ideas. Shekhar Sen talks about how educational isntitutions are getting degradation due to political interference. Songs offered by Kartik Das Baul, Pramita Mallick, Konika Bandopadhyay, Vikram Singh,

Episode 55: Chirajyoti, Aparajita, Sanghamitra, Shidharta & Diptodeep
Exstudents from Florida present the 55th Episode, covering “Rabindrachetanay Basanter Charandhwani”. The episode was prepared at home without professional help or experience, but is a creative outlet of large hearted Ex-students wanting to contribute.

Episode 54: Salil Kapat & Laha Bandh
A discussion with Sri Salil Kapat – regarding politics, environment, poverty in India, and particularly, the construction boom at Laha Bandh area. Also songs by Geeta Dutt, Krishna Chatterji. Recitation by Subirmoy Ghosh. Rabindrasangeet by Suchitra Mitra

Episode 53: Shyamali Khastagir
Conversation with Shyamali Khastagir on the value of reviving the Asramic Sangha's “bidhan sabha” concept. Also, we have an Assamese song by Dipali Barthakur, Sanskrit Rabindrasangeet, & more songs from Indranil Sen, K.L. Saigal and Santideb Ghosh.

Episode 52: Stephen Hay on Tagore in America, & Sharmila Roy
In this episode, Anuradha Mitra recites part of the long essay written by Stephen Hay in 1962 on Rabindranath Tagore in America, covering all five of his trips to the US. Also, on this episode, we offer four songs, all from Tuku di, Sharmila Roy

Episode 51: Rabindranath's chhoto golpo “Badnaam”
Rabindra Sangeet from Santideb Ghosh and Palli Geeti from Pramita Mallick. Vancouvr kids Dipanjan, Avik Ranjan, Madhuja and Angshul present our first attempt at a “Sruti Natok” based on Gurudeb's short story “Badnaam”.

Episode 50: Piyali Palit and Gopal Krishna Gandhi
Today we complete half a century of Podcasts. Apart from a Baul by Sanatan Das, and songs by Ramkumar Chatterjee, Amala Das and Piyali herself, the topic is how to revive Santiniketan, and Piyali Palit's meeting with the Governor, Mr. Gopal Krishna Gandhi

Episode 49: Asian Ideas of East and West
Reading the introduction of Stephen Hay on East and West and Tagore's search for a common Oriental theme. Songs by Mohor di, Ankhi, Mistunidi, Mithu di. Self recites Tagore's poem “Hatabhagyer Gaan” for public domain audio book of Rabindranath Tagore.

Episode 48: Ami Paraner Sathe Khelibo Ajike Morono Khela
Rabindranath Recites from “Jhulon”. Dual song by Mitali Bhoumik and Tandra Baisya. Talks on creating public domain recitations of Tagore's writings on Librivox. Anuradha Mitra reads “My School”. More songs by Mohor di, Ritu Guha and Indira (Pia) Bannerji.

Episode 47: Santiniektaner Chithi & Amader Lekha
Rabindranath sings 'Amar Porano Loye'. Santiniketaner Chithi, 13/8/1952 from Subhomoy Ghosh,  Songs from Sanchari Ghosh, Amader Lekha from the 1940s from Kalyan Dasgupta, Songs from Mohan Singh, Dipali Barthakur, Tandra Baisya.

Episode 46: St. Petersburg Declaration
Amar Pal sings Banka Shyam. Recitation from Subhomoy Ghosh. Talks on Podcast alley ranking. St. Petersburg declaration by Secular Islam in Bengali. Talks on Taslima Nasrin and the WB Government. Rabindrasangit from Pia. Baul from Gautam Das.

Episode 45: Remembering Biswajit Roy and Ankhi
Mrityu Barshiki of Biswajit Roy and Ankhi – Tukul provides songs by Biswajit Mama. Tukudi requests Ankhi's song and Tukul's enchanting bauls. I insert Mistuni di's. I read from  'Discovery of India' and from 'Rabindranath Tagore, The Myriad-Minded Man'.

Episode 44: Thoreau's “Civil Disobedience” and Rabindranath's “Sadhana”
Talks on audio books. Sample of Henry David Thoreau's “Civil Disobedience” and how the Gita and Upanishads came full circle back through Gandhi. Sample of Rabindranath's “Sadhana”. Rabindrasangeet on Corus songs and by Hemanta, Baul from Manna.

Episode 43: Rabindranath on Brahmo Samajer Sharthakata
Songs by Krishna Chatterji, Mistuni Roy Bevins, Asha Bhosle, Ramkumar Chatterji, Dinendranath Tagore, Vikram Singh. Anuradha Mitra reads Rabindranath's Essay “Brahmo Samajer Sharthokota” from the book “Santiniketan”.

Episode 42: William Adam and Pramita Mallick
Five Rabindra Sangeet all by Pramita Mallick. My talk with Chiku di about the evolution of Brahmo Samaj which resulted in me reading about William Adam's Unitarian mission in India and its influence on Rammohan Roy and the Bengal Renaissance.

Episode 41: Sutopa Bhattacharya
Rabindra Sangeet by Pramita Mallick, Subinoy Roy and Bikram Singh. Baul by Narayan Adhikari. Sutopa Bhattacharya on Arnold Bake, and problems in Santiniketan. Gurudeb's “My school” part 4 recited by Anuradha Mitra. Bangladeshi Palligeeti “Moirasi”.

Episode 40: Priyodorshi Datta
Tagore song by Priyadarshi Datta. Me reciting an essay by Priyadarshi “Five generations of Indian women”. "Yesterday" by Mistuni di & Elvis. Two Brahma Sangeets by Subinoy Roy. Search for the first few Deshatvabodhak songs before Bande Mataram.

Episode 39: Kadambari Devi & Charulata
Kanika Bandopadhyay and Suchitra Mitra on a duet. Reading of Clinton Seely’s paper at Tagore Festival in University of Lillinois in 2000, Rabindrasangeet from Basabi Dutta, and from Charulata

Episode 38: Jat Gelo Pet Bhorlo Na
Baul by late Mistuni Roy Bevins : Jat Gelo Pet Bhorlo Na. More songs by Santindev Ghosh, Bapi Das Baul and Ankhi Bose, Poems by Sujata Mitra, Sukul and yours truly

Episode 37: Talks with Chirojyoti Deb
Songs by Santidev Ghosh, Ranjana Sen, Ramkumar Chatterji, talks with Chirojyoti Deb on his past in Santiniketan and present research work on Tuberculosis in USA.

Episode 36: About Chittaranjan Deb
Tukul and Pramita Mallick sings Palli Geeti. Rezwana Chowdhury & Suchitra Mitra sings Rabindra Sangeet. Chirojyoti Deb speaks of his father. Anuradha Mitra recides part 2 of Tagore’s “My School”.

Episode 35:
Rabindrasangeet from Santidev Ghosh, Amala Sarkar, and Konika Bandopadhyay. Talks on Arnold Bake, on Bande Mataram and Rabindranath’s own voice recording about a hundred years ago.

Episode 34:
Rabindra Sangeet by Ritu Guha, Mohan Singh. Self talks about Japan’s India envy. Anuradha Mitra recites part of Tagore’s 1933 lecture in USA on Patha Bhavana. Ramkumar Chatterji sings Dadathakur’s Ramprasadi.

Episode 33 Supurna Datta’s Smriti Katha
Rabindrasangeet from Amal Mukherji, Arati Mukherji, Chinmoy Chatterji. Supurna Datta talks about her “Smriti katha”. Talks on Wikipedia pages on Santiniketan and Patha Bhavana. Palli Geeti from Suranjan Choudhury.

Episode 32 Santiniketaner Chithi
Rabindra Sangeet by Ranjana Sarkar, Suchitra Mitra, Mohan Singh.  Chandana Sarkar reads Subhomoy Ghosh’s Santiniketaner Chithi #2. Talks on Arnold Bake, North America Bengali Conference. Pramita Mallick sings Lalpaguri.

Episode 31 Jana Gana Mana
Jana Gana Mana in the voice of Rabindranath, Pt Jasraj, Asha Bhosle, Bhupen Hazarika & Saddiq Khan Langa . Kanan Devi sins Sedin Dujone. What is on Wikipedia about Jana Gana Mana. Amy Chua on great empires. Steps to improve Patha Bhavana.

Episode 30: Tobu Mone Rekho
Recitation by Gurudev “Aji hote shoto borsho porey”. Song “Tobu Mone Rekho” by Gurudev, Amiya Tagore, Suchitra Mitra and Vikram Singh. Self talking about Podio books, and how we could create same for Bengali Literature for free distribution.

Episode 29
Songs by Pramita Mallick, Sharmila Roy Pommot & Ranjana Sen Sarkar. Michael Kisku, a member of the Santhal tribe, talks how Santiniketan had influenced him. Self recites Subhomoy Ghosh’s first letter from "Santiniketaner Chithi".

E28 :
Recitation by Tagore, Songs by Santidev Ghosh, Tomojit Roy and KL Saigal, letters from Sukul and Pradip Malhotra, discussion on HLC report on Visva Bharati and Patha Bhavana

Episode 27
Songs by Anjana Sen, Kanan Devi & Suchitra Mitra, Santanu Roy Chowdhury. Mahasweta Devi Speaks about Mr. Somnath Chatterjee's efforts in auctioning off Santiniketan to the highest bidder. Sutapa Bhattacharya speaks about Poush Mela.

Kirtan and Rabindrasangeet from Pramita Mallick. Self describing the Rockies. Abbasuddin Ahmed. Power of Facebook. Santidev Ghosh

Tukul’s baul, Recitation from Biswajit Ganguly. The Baro song. Tasher Desh played in London, per Ananda Gupta. Dilip Roy and MS Subhalakshmi sings “Dhana Dhannye Pushe Bhara”.

E23 :
Songs by Sd Burman, Swastika Mukherjee. About Subhomoy Ghosh's "Santiniketan Letters", Origin of the song "Sankocher Bivbhalata", and my thoughts on writing to Mr. Somnath Chatterjee regarding degradation of Santiniketan.

Songs by Sanajit Mandal, kavita Krishnamurty, Lopamudra Mitra. Talk by Supurna Datta. Recitation by Anuradha Mitra on HLC report on Visva Bharati

Songs by Purnadas Baul, Mohor di, Amar Pal . Sewli Bose's Esraj.  Talks with Joyeeta Mitra and friends. Subir Ghos's open letter to Hiren Dutta. A letter from my brother.

Songs from Vikram Singh, Sharmila Roy, Prahlad Brahmachari, Mistuni di, Talks on Ranjit Dhar and Sukesh Ghosh, letter to VC of Visva Bharati, proposal from Anjana Sen, Letter from Sukul, and Chandana di.

Episode 19
Madhumita Roy, talks on teh joint letter for the VC, anonymous letter received, Song by Neel, Arghya Sen, List of people on the call list, Dinendranath tagore, talks on the High Level Commission report from Gopal Gandhi, Pramita Mallick

Episode 18
Pratima Bannerji, Talks on Hanshi Ghosh, Suchitra Mitra, Sumona di, Tku da, Ashesh da. Ranjana Sarkar. Letter from Salil Ghosh on Montu Ghosh. Search for Soumya Biswas. Song by Mohan Singh

Episode 17
Ekbar Biday de ma. Talk with Amala Sarkar. Tukuls baul, Amit Tagore, Santidev Ghosh

Episode 16
Krishna Chatterjee, recitation by Sujata Mitra, my talks about Santiniketan, Sari Bose, Chikudi, letter from Chandana di, Song by Suchitra Mitra, hindi song by Ankhi, report on Santiniketan, Song by

Episode 15
Pratima Barua, talks on Soumya Biswas's exciting trip to the Antarctica, Talks and song by Shekhar Sen, Indulekha Ghosh, Kalyani Sur, Mohan Singh.

Episode 14
Recitation from Santidev Ghosh, first female student from Birbhum - Kalyani Sur, her daughter Sutopa di, talks with Kushi etc

Episode 13:
Jugalbandhi of Santidev/Sagarmoy, Subir Mitra, Sharmila Roy, Biswajit Ganguli, Pramita Mallick, Pradip Malhotra and others

Episode 12:
Alpana Roychoudhury,, Suchitra Mitra and talk about Santinieitan

Episode 11:
Jugalbandhi of Sagarmoy and Santidev, Solo of Manabendra, Suchitra Mitra and Bashabi Dutta, and a letter from Tonu's brother and an article from Bartaman

Episode 10:
Songs by Santideb Ghosh and Kishore Kumar, interview with Ashie Hirji, talk with Ranjana Sen, discussions on Batha Bhavana & Santiniketan

Episode 09:
Songs from Sharmila Roy & Ranjana Sarkar, talks on youth participation, disturbing news from Patha Bhavana

Episode 08:
Je Manush Manush Chene by Ankhi, Shishu Bholanath, Chikudi etc

Episode 07:
Santidev Ghosh, Nirmalendu, Boren Sen and mystery singer etc

Episode 06:
Song from Ranjana Sen Sarkar, talk about the Sen Bongsho and lots of other news of Santiniketan

Episode 05:
Shubhomoy Ghosh recites, singers present a Gambhira folk song of Eastern India, and a Dada Thaakur English-Bengali parody

Episode 04:
Today we start with a song, and followed up with some more update on the Santiniketan issues, along with a poem recitation from one that is no more with us. There is talk on youngsters of Santiniketan joining us on the podcast.

Episode 03:
This is the third Santiniketan Podcast episode, and for the first time, bits of songs are included here. Check it out my friends.[/code]

Episode 127: Shekhar Sen on Santiniketan, Bengal and Punjab
Retired Col Shekhar Sen talks about Tagore's Santiniketan, Bengal, and Punjab, with a few side comments from me. Songs and recitations by Saunak Chatterjee, Susmita Guha Roy, Anuttama Ghosh, Shekha Sen, Apala Basu and Santideb Ghosh.

Episode 126 : The roots of our language, faith and culture
Sugata Sen and Piyali Palit help explore the ebb and flow of spirituality across our shores through eons, and how we came to where we are today. Songs by Santideb Ghosh, Snita Pramanik, Biswarup Rudra, Tamojit Ray, Pramit Sen and Mohan Singh.

Episode 125: Asramik Sangha Annual Meeting
Tukul and Tapas Basu presents this episode covering annual Asramik Sangha meeting at Santiniketan during December 2008 Poush Mela. Songs and recitation from Shekhar Sen, Moyna Marddi, Saradamoi Basu, Patha Bhavan Chorus, Tamojit Ray.

Episode 124: Michael Madhusudan and Sugata Sen
Michael joins Sugata to sing a Rabindrasangeet. Sugata Sen interviewed on  efforts of exstudents to reconnect with Santiniketan. Songs from Shekhar Sen, Michael Kisku, Sugata Sen, Mohan Singh, Chorus from Baitalik, Patha Bhavana and Bhanusingher padabali.

Episode 123 : Past meets the present part 2
Presenting the second part of meeting between the visiting exstudents and the Santiniketan Adhyapaks and local Alumni. Songs from Pramita Mallick, Tapas Mallick, Arabind Biswas, Kanika Bannerjee, Bannya, Chorus, Santideb Ghosh, Shubhasree Roy.

Episode 122 : Past meets the present part 1
Thanks to Kishore Bhattacharya, exstudents meet the Adhyapaks and local Alumni in Santiniketan, to know and understand each other and build a relationship. Songs from Rina Srimal, Patha Bhavan girls, Anuttama Ghosh, Mohan Singh, Vikram Singh, Indrani Sen.

Episode 121: Searching for  ground reality
Closing out discussion on Terrorism, then talks with Amala Sarkar, followed by awareness meeting about ground reality at Patha Bhavan. Songs by Arabinda Biswas, Banani Ghosh, Kanika Bannerjee, Amala Sarkar, Purba Dam, Shyamal Mitra & Vikram Singh.

Episode 120 : Kalakal & A discussion on Terrorism
Nimai babu recites part of the novel “Kalakal”. We record the initial part of the gobal conference call on terrorism and its root causes. Songs by Lasis Ahmed Lisa, Amar Pal, Firoza Begum, Krishna Chatterjee, Shekhar Sen, Sandhya Mukherjee

Episode 119 : UGS, Social Thinkers, and duty of Santiniketan exstudents
Discussing UGC clause of Social Thinkers of India, our long effort bears fruit, thanks to Somenath babu, and how each of us exstudens can help out in small ways, to the cause of Santiniketan. All songs from Kanika Bandopadhyay.

Episode 118 : Global Kalor Dokan
Global Adda with Sujoy Dhara, Tamojit Ray, Chirajyoti Deb, Piyali Palit, Tapas Basu, Bodhirupa Ganguly, Self and Abhijit Bannerjee. Songs by Ankhi, Chittaranjan Deb, Ramkumar Chatterjee, Basabi Dutta Roy, Amar Pal, Hemanta Mukherjee.

Episode 117 : Evolution, Genetics, Blood Type and Race
Here we put up some excerpts of other podcasts on Archeology, Evolution, Genetics, How we are close and yet separate from Chimps, and how Bengali Babu's prefer a certain blood type. Songs from Subinoy, Banani, Chinmoy, Banna, Paramita, Santideb.

Episode 116: Sanskrit as a computer language
Sandeep discusses computer language and Sanskrit while we check Noam Chomsky's comments  on Panini and US adventurism. Songs by Krishna Chatterjee, Manashi Adhikari, Indranil Sen, Purba Dam, Gita Ghatak & Banani Ghosh, Chitralekha Chowdhury.

Episode 115: Santiniketaner Chithi #15, Gandhi & Tagore
Subhomoy Ghosh's next Chithi followed by Archeologica talking about the first humans in North America and a discussion with Sandeep Shukla on things including Tagore and Gandhi. Songs by Santideb, Vikram, Konika & Suchitra, Suparna, Saunak & Lisa.

Episode 114: Did dinosaurs eat grass?
We start with the emergence of grass, followed by a speech by Pranab Mukherjee and end with conference call discussing Manuscripts. Songs by Lasis Ahmed Lisa, Mohor di, Kishore, Lopamudra, Manoj Murali Nair, Mohan Singh & Tuku di.

Episode 113: Lost Discoveries, old Manuscripts, and India the emerging giant
A part of the book of Dick Teresi, Lost discoveries – Significant contribution of early Indians in mathematics, Tapas da expressing his opinion, and a lecture on India's economic future. Songs by Lata, Rizwana, Debabrata, Moni, Dwijen, Nilima Sen.

Episode 112: Shulba Sutra & the origin of modern humans
We discuss firt the Sulba Sutra and then the Out of Africa Theory as depicted in Nicholas Wade's book, and talks with Piyali, Tapas da, Tukul, and myself. Songs by Geeta Ghatak, Hemanta, Indrani Sen, Saigal, Kishore & Ramkumar.

Episode 111: Swapan Majumdar and Early rice cultivation in India
A discussion with Mr. Swapan Majumdar about Rabindra Bhavan, Santiniketan and exstudents. A talk about early rice cultivation in India and a book by Nicholas Wace. Songs by Pintu di, Sounak, Asha, Banani Ghosh, Basabi & Chinmoy.

Episode 110 : Boria and Tukul sings together on Skype
We have some continuation of global adda with Boria, Tukul, Piyali, Prasenjit Ghosh, Chirajyoti Deb, Barsanjit Majumdar and others. Songs from Indranil Sen, Boria, Tukul, Nilima Sen, Ashoktaru Bannerjee, Ritu Guha and Sagar Sen.

Episode 109 : Piyali Palit and Niladri Chaki
We discuss some aspects of the origin and history of the Bengali language, with wisdom from Piyali Palit at Oxford and Niladri Chaki in Toronto. Songs from Kanika Bandopadhyay, Sounak Chatterjee, Purabi Kukherjee, Riswana Chowdhury and Pijushkanti Sarkar

Episode 108: Santiniketaner Chithi #14 & Global Adda
Tukul recites the next Chithi of Subhomoy Ghosh. I discuss Nitish Sengupta's book on History of the Bengali Speaking People. Parts of global adda. Songs from Biswajit Ray, Naru, Suchitra Mitra, Akhilbandhu Ghosh and Ramkumar Chatterjee.

Episode 107: Subhomoy Ghosh, Copernicus and Sujoy Dhara
Santiniketaner Chithi #13, part of an audio book covering Copernicus, and a Global adda with Sujoy Dhara. Songs from Rajeswari Devi, Chitralekha Chowdury, Sreenanda Mukherjee, Naru, Ramkumar Chatterjee, Chittaranjan Deb and Tukul.

Episode 106: Subhomoy Ghosh, Tan Wen & Leena Chatterjee
Presenting Subhomoy Ghosh's Santiniketaner Chithi of 6th Dec 1952, Tan Wen's book on Tagore trip to China, and a discussion with Leena Chatterjee. Songs from Rita Ghosh, Sontu Mukherjee, Ranjana Sen, Tamojit Ray, Pramita Mallick & Amal Mukherjee.

Episode 105: Santideb on Kalimohan Ghosh
Three books: 1) Santideb describes how three factors influenced his father Kalimohan's life : Swadeshi movement, Brahmo Samaj and Rabindranath Tagore, 2) Adam Smith's Wealth of Nations, 3) Paul Krugman's Conscience of a Liberal. Assorted songs.

Dear friends,

Episode 128 is up. There is a song, "Megher Pore Megh Jomechhe" by Debisri Datta with raga inserts by Saunak Chatterjee, recorded on the 7th of Jan at Moni's class in Bhavanipur Mallick badi.

I would like some feedback. I found it absolutely wonderful and played it during a mini conference call last wkend to Tukul and Tapas da.

Other than that, there is an adda at Kalor Dokan involving Babua (Subroto Ghosh), Kablu da, Bubla, Satia, Deepak Acharya, Benu da, myself and a few others. There are also snippets of adda with Mohan Singh and Vikran singh with short songs from both. Mohan Sing sang a two liner from Bhut Patrir Jatra. Satia's son Arka Agarwal sang a palli geeti in the Uttarayan stall right in the middle of all the noisy kolahol.

I have asked Aritra to record some more of Moni's class sessions. I really liked the songs and the quality of the singers, and wish I had attended more often and had more recordings. Tapan da sang "Icche kore poran tare gansa diya bandhi" which has been put up on an earlier episode 123.

The Santhal girl, Moyna Marddi,  that just joined Sangeet Bhavana for dance, has sung a few Rabindrasangeet for me which I recorded at the residence of Ghughu (Shubhalaksmi), and one of them is up on episode 125. Michael Kisku is there on two different episodes, singing with Tusu di and with Gopa Bannerjee.

Thats it for now. And dont forget to vote at Podcastalley. Currently Santiniketan podcast is ranked fifth in its category of Society and Culture (out of some 1,800) and ranked 143 out of all Podcasts (out of some 200,000).


Well, episode 129 is up.
Here we cover the conversation with Kishore Bhattacharya at his residence in Santiniketan on the 18th of December 2008. Among the participants are Kishore, his wife, Sotuda, Tapas da and myself.

I wanted to also add a separate conversation I had the same day with Roskay, the santhal Mali that has been around since I was a youngster, and who does a bit of gardening for us, and his wife Joba too comes around time to time. But I ran short of time. So Roskay will appear on another podcast.

We had songs by Upala Mukherjee (Moloy Mukherjee's daughter), as well as Arpita Das, Shaswati Guha Roy (Moni's student at Bhabanipur), Manashi Adhikari (Pintu di, Kutkut da's sister), Aditi Mohsin and Indira Bannerjee (Pia, Basudev's wife).

We also managed to talk today with Piyali, Tukul, Kukul, Sotuda, Kishore, Sauren Bannerjee (Paritosh da's brother), Ajoy Kumar Das (Nippon Bhavan), Aruna Mukherjee (Russian language, Vidya Bhavan), and Subroto Ghosh (Babua). These conversations are not on episode 129. These might or might not appear on a future podcast. Ajoy Kumar Das wants to stay connected through email and also wishes to join up on this bulletin board.

Now India is sleeping, and North America is awake.


Episode 137 is up, with a day trip to the Alice Lake area of British Columbia, and then a bit of yodeling on to Chapter 3 of "Sampadaker Baithake" by Sagarmoy Ghosh covering light interactions between Jaladhar babu and Sarat Chandra, with songs from Geeta Ghatak, Vikram and Mohan Singh, Kishore, Frank Ifield, Runa Layla, Mahasweta Bandopadhyay etc.

Been a busy wkend, but managed a single conference call, and talks with Antu da, Tuku di, Pradip Malhotra (a few days ago), Labu di, Sotuda, Tapas da back in UK, Tukul, Piyali, Barsan, Chandana di and Chirajyoti.

Called Mohan da a few times, but never could get him on phone. Khuku di (Anjana Sen, elder sister of Mithu di) called several times from California, but I missed all those calls.

Epiode 136: Santiniketaner Chithi and follow up on out alma mater
Santiniketaner Chithi of 14th Feb 1953, talks with Aruna Mukherjee and Piyali, a letter from self, songs and recitations from Sruti Naha, Kukul, Jhuma, Vikram Singh, Sujata Mitra and Sukul, Abhirup Guhathakurta, Santanu Roychowdhury and Ajoy Chakraborti

Episode 135 History of the Bengali People
Presenting part 1 of the book by Nitish Sengupta, followed by Sujoy Dhara's letter to Desh Patrika about Arnold Bake and some references on it. Songs by Swagatalakshmi, Hemanta, Swagata Dey & Jayati Chakraborty, Tukul, WB Sangeet Academi and Surangama.

Episode 134: Santinikerater Chithi and a a bit of Bengali History
Presenting Santiniketaner Chithi of 31st Dec 1953, and a section from History of the Bengali speaking People byNitish Sengupta. Songs from Anuttama Ghosh, Sugata Sen, Sukhamoy Mitra, Chorus with Moni, Esha Mitra, Basabi Dutta Roy and Santideb Ghosh.

Episode 133: Abar Amra Sobai
Presenting the 2nd part of meeting with Amra Sobai at Benu Kunja in December 2008, with questions for ourselves in search of a path to help our Alma Mater. Songs from Tarun Khyapa Baul, Chorus, Suchitra Mitra & Arghya Sen duet, Santideb Ghosh, Purba Dam.

Episode 132: Kopai, tumi kotha hoite ashiyachho?
Malay Mukhopadhyay and friends guide us through a journey on foot covering the course of Kopai river in Birbhum district, West Bengal. Songs by Ranjana Sen, Hemanta, Purna Das baul, Manna Dey, Nirmalendu, Dhiren Bose, Suchitra Mitra and Indranil Sen.

Episode 131: Amra Sobai
Exstudents meet the Amra Sobai group at Benu Kunja Dec 22, 2008 and come away very impressed, intending to solidify a relationship. Songs from School girls, Santideb Ghosh, Suchitra Mitra, Amala Das, Arpita Das, Hemanta Mukherjee, Moni's class chorus.

Episode 130: Calling Santiniketan
Tukudi talks about Gouri Bhanja, and we call up various people in Santiniketan, attempting to maintain an avenue of communication and friendship. Songs from Papai, Santideb Ghosh, Chorus, Arghya Sen, Ramkumar Chatterjee, Chittaranjan Deb, Class 5 girls.

Episode 138 Tagores 150th birth anniversary
anniversary of Rabindranath Tagore. Songs by Vikram Singh, Suchitra Mitra, Santideb Ghosh, Radharani Devi, Asha Bhosle, Sagar Sen and Kishore Kumar.

Episode 139 Panchishe Baishakh
Remembering Rabindranath and his gift to the world, by friends around the world - Tanaya Guha, Dipanjan and Madhuja Sengupta, Tamojit Ray, Biswajit Ray, Nimai and Sanchita Majumdar, Chirajyoti and Aparajita Deb, Satarupa Kar, Anuradha Mitra and Tonu.

Episode 140: A gentleman from Japan and a lady from Ulster
Stephen Hay on Okakura, Sister Nivedita and Tagore, on the conflict between eastern spirituality and western materialism. Songs from Sharmila Roy Pommot, Subinoy Roy, Vikram Singh, Apala Basu, Srikanta Acharya, Suchitra Mitra, Aditi Sengupta and chorus.

Episode 141: A Chithi and a Nakchhabi
Presenting a chithi of 28 feb 1963 from Subhomoy Ghosh, and a section from Hirer Nakchhabi from Sagarmoy Ghosh, covering a trip to the US in 1967. Songs by Santideb Ghosh, Tamojit Ray, Kishore Kumar, Suparna Guha and Suchitra Mitra.

Episode 142 : Bengal Divided and The Discovery of India
Reading from Nitish Sengupta's Bengal Divided, a history of the modern, politically divided yet culturally linked Bengal, and Jawaharlal Nehru's The Discovery of India. Songs by Begum Akhtar, Indrani Sen, Calcutta Youth Choir, Arghya Sen, Sangeeta Thakur

Episode 143: Amar Chokhe Rabindranath
Nimai Majumdar describes Rabindranath through his eyes. Santanu Mitra reads from Rabindranath's Atmaparichoy. Songs and recitations from Biswarup Ruda, Mohan Singh, Chitralekha Chowdhury, Biswajit Ray, Tamojit Ray, Santanu Mitra, Susmita Sengupta.

Episode 144: Patishore Rabindranath and Rabijiboni
Reading from two books – Patishore Rabindranath by Saifuddin Chowdhury and Rabijiboni by Prasanta Pal, tracing history of Tagore family legacy. Songs by Sangeeta Thakur, Shekhar Sen, Rizwana Chowdhury, Gita Ghatak and Basabi Dutta Roy.

Episode 145: News, Lekha and a bit of history
Presenting news of Silpa Sadan, recitations of a few old Amader Lekha and some history from Rabijibani - how the Kushari family acquired the Tagore surname. Songs from Sinjini Acharya Majumdar, Firdoshi Rehman, Kartik Das, Esha Mitra and Tamojit Ray.

Episode 146: Something about Bauls
About Bauls of Bengal, and reading from Santideb Ghosh's book on Rabindrasangeet, about the influence Bauls had on Rabindranath Tagore. Songs from Kiran Chandra Roy, Tamojit Ray, Basudev Das Baul, Amar Pal, Mohor di, Hemanta and Santideb Ghosh.

Episode 147: Hanglatherium and the future of energy
Talking mostly about Dinosaurs, starting with discoveries made by Henshoram Hunshiar and his nephew, leading to man's insatiable demand for energey, leading towards a global energy crisis. Songs by Tusu di, Mohor di, Tukul, Ramkumar, Lata and Jhuma.

Episode 148: Cult of the Charka
Reading Rabindranath's critical essay on Gandhi's Charka movement. Songs by Suchitra Mitra, Indranil Sen, Sharmila Roy Pommot, Srabani Sen, Maya Sen, Santideb Ghosh

Episode 149: Nuton O Puraton
Reading from Tagore's book Swadesh, covering part of an essay called Nuton O Puraton, followed by a recent adda by us on Skype on Nuclear Energy and stars. Songs by Jyotirmoy Maitra, Apala Basu, Alok Roychowdhury, Pramita Mallick, Suchitra Mitra.

Episode 150: Something about Thorium
Presenting a few conversations, and a continuation of a talk on our energy security, and the possible role for the heavy metal Thorium. Songs by Chitralekha Chowdhury, Suchitra Mitra and Arghya Sen, Tamojit Ray, Hemanta Mukherji and Srikanta Acharya

Episode 151: Swadesh and Maitri
2nd part of Tagores essay Nuton O Puraton from Swadesh and the 1st part of a talk with Pradip Malhotra, team leader in Antractica. Songs by Gyanendraprasad Goswami, Sugata Sen, Sati Devi, Renuka Dasgupta, Abhirup Guhathakurta, Santideb Ghosh, Amala Das

Episode 152: Tagore according to the middle class mind
Presenting Santiniketaner Chithi of 9th May 53 by Tukul, and a book my Arun Majumdar on Tagore and the middle class Bengali mind. Songs and recitation by Manna De, Piyali Palit, Sanatan, Suchitra Mitra, Santideb Ghosh, Gaur khyapa and Bishwanath das baul

Episode 153: Chithi, Pradip Malhotra and Shyamali Khastagir
Santiniketaner Chithi of 11.4.53, talk with Lubna Marium, Pradip Malhotra and Shyamali Khastagir. Recitation and songs by Tanaya Guha, Anuttama Ghosh, Tamojit Ray, Piyali Palit, Pramita Mallick, Ajoy Chakraborti, Abhirup, Rina Srimal and Sharmila Roy

Episode 154: Mahbub Chowdhury writes a letter
Mr. Mahbub Chowdhury sends a detailed letter regarding complete publication of Tagore's works. Tukul recites Santiniketaner Chithi of 28.3.1953. We discuss audio books. Songs by Tukul, Sati Devi, Kanak Das, Esha Mitra, Subinoy Roy

Episode 155: A song for Ana Turkhud
Chithi of 26/4/53. Teenage Rabidnranath composes a song for Ana Turkhud. Pradip recites Nirjharer Sapnabhanga. Songs by Nilima Sen, Sharmila Roy Pommot, Purna Das, Manashi Adhikari, Tukul, Arpita Das, Santideb Ghosh, Basabi Dutta Roy

Episode 156: Tuku di talks on Lalon and Mistuni di sings
Sharmila Roy talks on Lalon. Sandip talks on free software and the Rabindranath on the Charka movement. Tukul recites Chithi. Songs and recitation from Rina Srimal, Mistuni Roy Bevins, Kartik Das, Sachin Deb Burman, Sumantra Sengupta and Geeta Ghatak

Episode 157: Amader Chhora and three books on Tagore
Presenting our swarachito chhora. Readings from three books on Tagore by Tapati Dasgupta, Uma Dasgupta and Mary Lago. Songs by Sugata Sen, Indranil Sen, Pijushkanti Sarkar, Purba Dam, Shekhar Sen and Saunak Chattopadhyay.

Episode 158: A talk about heart ailments
Barsanjit Majumdar discusses his research in heart ailment. Conference calls with Sunil Sengupta or Berlin, Piyali of Kolkata and Kishore of Santiniketan. Songs by Indrani Sen, Srikanta Acharya, Arpita Das, Laisa Ahmed Lisa, Mohan Singh and Rina Srimal

Episode 159: About Saibal Mitra
An interview with Saibal Mitra about his experience with and aspirations about films, serials and documentaries on Rabindranath Tagore. Songs by Aditi Mohsin, Santosh Sengupta, Anuttama Ghosh, Shekhar Sen, Manashi Adhikari, Santideb Ghosh, Arghya Sen.

Episode 160: Piyali Palit on manuscripts in Santiniketan
Prof. Piyali Palit discusses her recently concluded workshop in Santiniketan on preservation and research of ancient manuscripts. Songs from Abhirup Guhathakurta, Amala Das, Apala Basu, Arabinda Biswas, Arati Mukherji, Kishore Kumar.

Episode 161: MAHALAYA
Mahalaya recordings with recitation of Birendra Krishna Bhadra and songs. No input from me. This is to discuss the original roots of some of Mahalayas slokas, deep into vedic scripture,  as well as stature of women in society, in future Podcasts.

Episode 162: Piyali on Amvrini Baak and Devi sukta
Piyali recites the Original Devi sukta – sections from Rg Veda. Xth Mandala, with contribution from Amvrini Baak, the first female of India. Songs by Santideb Ghosh, Sharmila Roy Pommot, Ranjana Sen, Gora Sarbadhikar and Kanika Bandopadhyay.

Episode 163: All About Audio Books
Presenting audio books : Before the dawn, Battle for the soul of Capitalism, Blowback, A briefer history of time, Elephant and the Dragon, The First Human, The

Episode 164: About Soumik Nandi Majumdar
Kala Bhavan professor Soumik Nandi Majumdar talks about his recent book and also his work with children on art appreciation. Songs from Tamojit Ray, Anuttama Ghosh, Aditi Mohsin, Arabindra Biswas< Basabi Dutta Ray, Biswanath Adhikari and Biswajit Ray

Episode 165: About Ananda Tan Lee
Ananda discusses climate justice and a plan to spend time in Santiniketan, to work with youngsters from surrounding areas on sustainable living. Songs by Sharmila Roy, Ashoktaru, Mohor di, Mohan Singh, Nilima Sen, Pijushkanti Sarkar and Pramita Mallick

Episode 166: About Tamojit Ray
Tukul talks about how he got into singing and acting, his childhood, his family background and his contact with Bauls. All 8 songs in are in his own voice, including first sample of a Rabi Padaboli still being written by Tonu and tune set by Tukul.

Episode 167: Amader Chhora
Presenting the second section of the upcoming Amader Chhora book, with multiple contributions coming from people. Songs by Anindya Sen of Bangalore and his mother Tusudi, or Sugata Sen or Kolkata.

Episode 168: Tan Lee da talks of the past
Tan Lee da talks of the old days in Santiniketan going back to 1930s and 1940s. Songs from Anindya San, Mohan Singh, Rina Das Baul, Anjana Sen, Bharati Mitra and Urmila Bose.

Episode 169: Bishuda on multidimensional Rabindranath
Bishuda talks about Rabindranath's multidimentional efforts. Tan Lee da on Bheltu da. Kalyani Sur remembers Santiniketan. Songs from Anuttama Ghosh, Santideb Ghosh, Shyamali Sur, Basabi Dutta, Shekhar Sen, Chitralekha Chowdhury and Geeta Ghatak.

Episode 170 : A new lease of life for Tollywood
Anidya Seal of Databazaar Media Venture talks about new efforts at globalizing the market for a moribund and cash trapped Tollygunj film industry. Songs by Indrani Sen, Chitralekha Chowdhury, Esha Mitra, Pijushkanti Sarkar, Bhumi, Chorus, Santidev Ghosh.

Episode 171: Book review - Raj Patel and John Perkin
Socioeconomic situation of the world, through two books presenting a new angle. Patel and Perkin talk of their books Value of Nothing and Hoodwinked. Songs by Shyamali Sur, Geeta Ghatak, Biswarup Rudra, Mohan Singh and Indira Bandopadhyay. Forum Index -> Amader Santiniketan
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