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AID Canada incorporated
AID Vancouver update - joining hands with Canada
Environment then and now - an Indian Tragedy
A postcard for Soni Sori
A film show in Langley
CSH Agenda : Friday, August 24 2012
Presence in UBC
CSH Agenda : Saturday, July 14 2012
CSH Saturday June 30th, 2pm
Lifestyle Changes
List of Volunteers and Supporters of AID Vancouver
Documentation : Food sale in Farmers market
Welcome Arunabh
AID Vancouver Handout
Welcome Rajiv and Monika
CSH Minutes : June 17, 2012
Dr. Debal Deb has a question abt return of the earthworms
AID Canada By-Laws
Material for Debal Deb's work
Planned Conference Call with Ravi Kuchimanchi
Protest in Vancouver
Meeting at Leena Chatterjee's place cancelled.
Santiniketan Podcast moves to a new location
We got on the news
A project for De-silting of ponds in K-Plot, Sunderbans
Death of a waterfall
Tentative plans for the wkend, 2nd and 3rd June 2012
Welcome Sanchaita !
Welcome to the AID Vancouver FORUM
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