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A Play Our School is Putting Up for Communal Harmony

Our school will be observing a communal harmony week from 14th Nov, which is Pundit Nehru's birthday. i was requested by one of our coordinators to work on a play for this occassion with the senior students who participate in the Peace club. To spread the message of communal harmony they would take this play to some govt. schools. However, there was a unique problem at hand. Our students can't speak the local vernacular language & the govt. school students don't understand English! So we decided to conceptualise a play which will have no dialogues. It would be presented through mime, movements, choreography & sound effects. now, I came up with this idea:

The play opens on one corner of the stage, with a group of Muslims reading namaz. In another corner, we find some Hindus preparing for a Nimajjan procession. The procession starts moving and the participants start dancing to the rhythm of the Dhak. Soon, they enter the Muslim territory. The Namazis are naturally disturbed & they react violently. They put up a resistance with arms. The Hindus are also prepared for this & they take out their arms too. A huge tension builds up. They are ready to pounce on each other with all their hatred & might. The Tandava music plays in the background. It rises to a crscendo & stops with hard crash of the cymbal, as a lady runs in to intervene & stop this madness. She is clad in a white saree with Tiranga border. she is the Mother India. She - in mime- tells them, you are both my children & equally dear to me. Why is there so much blood shedding between brothers? Both the communities accept her words & hang their heads in shame. Our national anthem starts playing from the background. All the people on stage join their hands to form a human chain. Then they slowly come down to the audience & start including them in into the chain. that's the end of the play.

The students & teachers including the coordinator have approved of this idea. We have started working on the script & the sound. The play will be staged on 21st Nov for the first time. Forum Index -> Society & Culture
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